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Jill Paynter-O’Meehan is a multi disciplinary artist working from her Perth Boorla studio Western Australia.

Colour, nature and moments of ephemeral beauty in our daily landscape of activities give Jill the inspiration to capture these impressions in her work. Just as importantly Jill is driven by the appreciation and enjoyment by the audience and the experiences felt by her viewers. 

Experimentation and play, using techniques in painting, printing, sculpture, installation, floristry, jewellery and obsessive collecting, are all methods Jill uses to express herself. An avid collector of a variety of objects, including recyclable and found pieces, often find their way into large immersive and site specific installations.  

Current Exhibitions

Jill OMeehan strange festival 2022.JPG

Strange Festival 


Visceral Beauty

17 - 26 June 2022

3rd Floor, old Commonwealth Bank Building Forrest Place.

Entry off Murray Street Mall. Look for the signature purple door mat. 4pm - 10pm daily.

STRANGE is an invitation to spark your curiosity into the weird and wonderful, with over 20 spaces throughout Perth City hosting over 35 artists from around Australia to showcase visual, aural, experiential, paintings, sculpture, projections, video and performance art.

‘Visceral Beauty’ is an immersive installation inviting the viewer to follow their dark curiosity into the morbid and gory details of death and decay. Our inquisitive side that secretly needs to get up close and personal with the
visceral and sticky organic details we know is the natural process of being alive but are reluctant to engage with. This installation is about observing the beauty and joy of life and death in all its colourful details.

Festival program


14 May – 10 July 2022
West Space, Collingwood Yards Melbourne.

Collaboration with:

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah & Anna Louise Richardson

Watching embodies the sensation of being approached, watched or singled out by animals, either wild or domestic, and the emotive resonance of these moments – reflecting ideas of death, fear and preternatural communication with the natural world.

Creating alongside my daughter, Holly O'Meehan as the duo Golden Wattle Hookers, we re-fleeced Abdul-Rahman's sculptured sheep titled 'Pair' giving them a creative and playful new crocheted outfit.

Jill OMeehan watching GWH web.jpg
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