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About Jill O'Meehan

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in Installation art, textiles, print making and abstract painting.

My installation works are made with  "Collections", the process of collecting items on mass is compelling which leads me to installing them within a specific space. These found objects are ongoing collections that have been amassing for many years and quite often my objects are natural items found in the environment such as animal remains, seeds and other plant materials. I also recycle and reuse plastics, glass and metals from our daily use. It is the colours, light, shapes and textures that interest me.

I enjoyed a prolific print making practise in silkscreen and etching while studying at Curtin University and I aim to return to this art process in the near future. My abstract paintings are a way for me to play with colour and pattern that then enables a flow and freeing of ideas.

Recently I have been exploring textile art, particularly craft processes such as crochet and felting, applying these craft skills to contemporary art practises.

Please reach out and contact me regarding commission  pieces, collaborations or community projects.

Jill OMeehan studio work.jpg
Jill O'Meehan - Crow (2 of 4).jpg
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