As a multi discipline installation artist, I am forever collecting a range of different objects with the aim that one day they will be displayed and reinterpreted as a beautiful collection that holds importance over their original discard.


Art in the Porongurup, April 2021. Mixed materials, recycled plastics and found objects.

Native Mistletoes are a fascinating and diverse group of parasitic plants found throughout Australia and permanently bonded with their host tree. The Mistletoes provides a habitat for many birds, insects and other wildlife, often flowering and fruiting when nothing else is, providing life and abundance. 

I have explored the idea of making my own ‘magical mistletoe organism’ that I can place on a Host tree within the environment of the Porongurup National Park Art site. The idea of hosting ‘another’ is more generous and beautiful than we first would perceive.

Down the Rabbit Hole

As artists in residence, Jill joined fellow artists Lynn Nixon and Sally Wilson for a four week residency at Vancouver Arts Centre in March 2020. At the culmination of these four weeks of exploring and gathering inspiration from their Albany base, the three artists combined to display their works from this period in the VAC gallery.

Jill's works are pictured here and comprise of:

"Vancouver Street to Vancouver Beach" A collection of items found on her wanderings and displayed on the gallery floor with crochet art forms.

"Roof Top Nature Strip"  Whilst in residency the VAC roof was undergoing restoration and timber shingles dating back to 1860 were being discarded. A number of these weathered roof shingles are displayed as a strip with crochet inclusions.

"Salutation to Sheoak" 1860 she-oak shingles with crochet art forms.

Red Thread

Southern Art and Craft Trail 2019.

This artwork was designed to specifically fit the space here in the Old Auction Room, Albany. The scale, the light that filters in through the skylights and the changes this light goes thru during the day is exciting, and so too is the drop down into the bowels of the building, a space to be negotiated with thought. 

Words that came to mind while collecting and then preparing these objects before installation include; Life, Death, Blood lines, DNA, Vanitas, Forensics, Vulnerable, Shadow Play, Micro, Macro, Connections, Life Cycles, Life Lines, Blood, Threads of life.

Silver Linings

A collaboration between Jill and daughter Holly, as part of the Southern Art and Craft Trail, 2019. Cut glass, crochet, ceramics and a variety of viticultural flora. Installed at the beautiful Silverstream Wines in Denmark, WA.

Inside Blue Poles

IMMERSED and INTIMATE. What if we could walk amongst the many layers of paint Pollock applied to his paintings? 

To be able to explore the micro world within and visualise the flow of energy. What if we could glimpse the tangible expression of an artists feelings that is experienced while creating their work?

"Action Painting" the dance between artist and their materials is what I have played with in this 3D sculptural work inspired

by "Blue Poles".

Memento Mori

Memento Mori "remember that you will die" in the language of Latin. It serves to remind us of our own mortality, of our mistakes and failures, of the inevitable transformation of life into death. 

Bones and Crochet: This collection allows viewers to admire bones as objects of life rather than the remains of something that is now lost. Filling the cavities with delicate crochet each bone is given an identity, grounding the object to the present rather than a perceived idea from the animals life.