Community Collaborations

Art has the ability to bring a community together and strengthen the connection between its members. Art crosses all boundaries be they age, gender or nationality and provides a common ground where together we explore our creative expression and our diverse cultural backgrounds. Jill is available to consult on community projects so reach out and make contact so we can discuss your requirements.

Merge Festival

Melville City Council 2017 Merge Festival was billed as "A one off collision of art, stories, street performance, music, food, markets and spectacle". I was invited to work with local primary school students to create a swarm of Swan River Jellyfish made from recycled materials, these were then suspended in the courtyard of the Civic Square.

Scribblers Festival 

Scribblers is an annual festival of literature and arts for young people brought to life by cultural non-profit FORM and the Town of Claremont. The festival is about sparking imagination, fostering curiosity and nurturing our next generation of creatives. 
Jill and Holly O’Meehan as The Golden Wattle Hookers facilitated hands on crochet and textiles experiences for children and their families where each person could make and contribute their piece to the evolving coral reef installation. Held over the Scribblers Festival Family Weekend, 11 & 12 May 2019 at The Goods Shed in Claremont.

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