Street Art

Graffiti #Y22 
Yarn Bombing @yellowjellyfish22

Sometimes yellow, sometimes orange, however these little guys have been known to morph into any colour to suit their surroundings. Far smaller than their big siblings found in my installations one needs to keep their eyes peeled as a smack of these crochet yarn bomb organic forms have been known to appear just about anywhere.

Florence and Siena
Seen in the wild

Proton Corner

An evolving piece of rural road art located in Borden in the beautiful South West of WA. A car came off the road (no one was hurt) and subsequently abandoned to become a feature of this loose gravel corner and a local landmark. It is now held together by many layers of paint and with each iteration becomes a talking point for the local farming community. 

FORM "Public 2016"

FORM brought over 100 creatives together to collaborate on 35 walls and 23 Installations across the state. The duo Golden Wattle Hookers installation incorporated a crochet theme on the sidewalk and shop windows of York Street Albany, as part of the Local Artists Project.

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